The Taxperts Group has been offering free tax seminars to real estate brokerages and other industry professionals to help inform our clients of the various tax implications that may affect them. The seminars are a great way for a teams and their individual members to learn about unique tax situations for themselves and their clients.  The information in these seminars gets attendees thinking about tax planning and offers solutions for keeping track of their expenses. If you’ve attended a tax seminar and want have more questions that you need answered, book a free consultation with one of our accountants; they will ensure that you understand all of your options before submitting your taxes for the year. Please see the comprehensive list of topics that we cover in our seminars below.


  1. Principle Residence Exemption (PRE)
  2. Capital Gains Tax
  3. New & Rental Home Buyers Rebates
  4. Unfair Audits
  5. Non-Resident Purchasers
  6. In-Fills
  7. HST implications
  8. Incorporation

Our free tax seminars require a minimum of 20-25 attendees and the location must be within the GTA.

To book your free tax seminar, click the link below!